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Gyro-Stabilized Binoculars & Eye Shields Online

For over 21 years, GyroPro has been the professional choice for eye shields and gyro-stabilized binoculars. We provide a personalized customer experience that begins with the transaction and continues with ongoing assistance for the duration of the product. Our expert instructions make your time on the water more productive.

Binos Are Our Focus

We have partnered with Fraser Optics to bring the Fraser Optics mariner binoculars to the fishing scene. After working for a decade with Fraser Optics, we helped introduce Fraser Optics bylite binoculars, a great new choice for glassing on the water.

Free Shipping is available on all orders under $100 within the Continental United States when you purchase Fraser Optics binoculars and accessories from

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Buy From the Pioneers

Capt. Jimmy Kingsmill, a top gyrostabilized binocular spotter, collaborated with Fraser Optics to bring their binoculars to the fishing market. You gain access to our worldwide captain network when you buy from us.